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Narada has been providing industrial backup power supply for over 27 years and operates in 158 countries and regions worldwide, with Narada Europe operating and serving large blue chip companies since 2005. We are proud to say that our brand is well-established in the backup power supply industry. With our core patent technology and system integration services with lithium-ion batteries and lead batteries, we provide four application areas residential, commercial, green motive and data centres.

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Our Commercial Solutions

We have three main commercial solutions, all completely bespoke to meet your individual needs.


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PV Farm


All Solutions

Residential Power Package

Narada Europe offers a hassle-free home power backup supply system in various package types including – Solar panels, backup battery supply units and car chargers. All of our systems include an inverter. 

We will provide a bespoke quote based on your requirements and handle the installation process.

Commercial Backup Power Solutions

Narada Europe provides industry-leading commercial backup solutions. Our integrated infrastructure systems are perfect for creating a seamless power backup system for leisure centres, hospitals, business centres and hotels. 

Our process is fully managed; we provide all the necessary hardware, installation, and after-sales customer care service.

More Backup Solutions


Narada’s backup power supply solutions offer significant benefits to the telecommunications industry. The company’s range of options, including lead, gel, and lithium batteries, ensures that telecommunication systems have a reliable and continuous power supply, even during unexpected outages. Narada’s portable and modular installation options make it easy to customise and maintain the backup power supply system, saving time and money for telecommunication operators. 

Data Centre Power Backup Solutions

Narada Europe’s battery for IDC data centres is extensively utilised in various systems such as large internet data centres, bank data centres, and communication operator data systems. Our batteries have excellent discharge performance, a portable modular installation mode, and super-long service life, ensuring exceptional safety and reliability. These features make our batteries a dependable source of backup power supply for IDC systems, providing uninterrupted power supply during critical operations.