Lithium Solutions

Narada’s lithium battery series for Internet Data Centres is reliable, safe, long-lasting, and powerful. The batteries follow and adapt the telecom lithium battery production facility and core technical procedures, ensuring high-quality control measures. The lithium iron phosphate technology, ceramic separator material, and explosion-proof valves reduce safety risks. The SEI Layers Optimisation and Cathode Carbon Material Formula Improvement increase battery life. The LFP high power active material decorated by ceramic, carbon coated aluminium foil, larger electrode, and larger sectional area of terminal makes it a powerful and efficient solution. Overall, Narada’s lithium battery series is a superior choice for critical power applications.

Narada’s High Power Lithium Battery Technology 

Smaller size and less in weight, compared to lead-acid batteries can save 70% space 

Excellent large current charging and discharging performance 

Algorithms and management techniques, AI prediction provide higher safety and reliability 

High safety cell, no fire, no explosion, with UL & IEC certificates 

Active balancing with three-layer BMS system architecture guarantees the safety of battery and system 

Intelligent operation and data management, reducing the daily maintenance costs

  • Powerful high-current discharge 
  • Excellent Cell, Module, Rack safety structure design 
  • Stable 15 mins power cyclic performance 
  • High safety and reliability. 

Our Lithium Batteries

NESP Series-512 Series

The NESP series of high-voltage lithium battery systems for UPS has the advantages of high safety, high reliability, high conve­nience, long service life, small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance. Provide uninterrupted power and backup power for special applications such as Internet Data Centres, cloud facilities, hospitals, airports, and rail transit to ensure the continuous operation of electrical equipment. 





Features of Module & Rack Design
  • Platform Design high power solution
  • 0.5C to 2C options available for different working environments
  • Passive & Active thermal ventilation system, designed in both module & rack
  • A particular consideration for containerised solutions with proper aisle space
  • The Highest lifetime design for IDC applications

How It’s Made?