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Narada Europe offers energy storage solutions and solar power installation services to a wide range of commercial businesses, industries, and building types. Our services include battery-based energy storage solutions for active and backup power, as well as solar power facilities and installations.

Our Business Solutions Offer:

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Tailored Energy Services
Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Cost-Effective Solutions
Sustainable Business Practices

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Advantages of Business Solutions

Narada Europe provides smart energy storage solutions for businesses, covering research and development, production, system integration, and intelligent operation of energy storage products. Our advanced international energy storage technology delivers safe and reliable energy storage system products and services to meet the demands of commercial clients worldwide. With years of expertise and experience, we have successfully implemented large-scale applications on the user, grid, and new energy generation sides. Let Narada Europe help you optimise your energy storage needs and improve your business efficiency.

Transform Your Business’ Location into a Carbon-Neutral Site with Solar Energy

Make your location environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient by switching to solar energy. At Narada Europe, we specialise in providing solar energy solutions that can help make your location carbon-neutral. Our team of experts will work with you to assess your energy requirements and design a solar energy solution with energy storage integration that meets your specific needs. By utilising our advanced solar energy solutions, you can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs. Make the transition to clean energy and join the global effort to combat climate change.

Industries we cover

Our energy storage solutions are customisable and can fit into different location types and sizes, from small retail spaces to large industrial facilities. Our variety of battery types makes them adaptable and can fit into small spaces, making them ideal for businesses with limited space availability.

At Narada Europe, we understand that businesses of all sizes and industries have unique energy needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of commercial energy solutions that cater to businesses ranging from small pubs to large shopping centres. Our expertise in designing and implementing energy systems for various commercial properties allows us to deliver customised solutions that meet the energy needs of businesses of all scales. Whether you’re looking to power a small storefront or a large industrial complex, we have the technology and expertise to design and install a system that will help you achieve your energy goals.


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Business Centres

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Pubs & Bars

And many more

Our Batteries for Businesses

Edge F Series

The Edge F Series of batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with solar panels, allowing businesses to efficiently store excess energy generated from their solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. This enables businesses to maximise their renewable energy usage, reduce their reliance on grid power, and enhance their energy resilience during power outages or peak demand periods. With Narada’s Edge F Series batteries, businesses can achieve reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions that contribute to their overall energy management strategy.

Edge FL – New Liquid-Cooled Industrial
And Commercial
Outdoor Cabinet
Edge F – Industrial
And Commercial
Outdoor Cabinet
Edge F – Integrated
Standard 10ft
Energy Storage System

Integrated Outdoor (Roof HVAC) ESS Cabinet

The Integrated Outdoor ESS Cabinet is a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking backup power and efficient energy storage. Featuring Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, an IP54 design, and a highly integrated system with smart thermal management, FSS safety design, and full protection functions, this outdoor cabinet ensures reliable performance and safety. With excellent performance, wide application experience, and adherence to UL/IEC/CE safety standards, it offers businesses a robust and efficient solution for backup power and energy storage in various commercial and industrial applications.

Coolstar Outdoor Cabinet

Discover Narada Europe’s latest offerings for the business sector: ND07 and ND08 Commercial Batteries! Designed to meet the rigorous demands of telecommunication and photovoltaic energy storage applications, these batteries redefine safety, efficiency, and reliability.