Data Centre

Narada Europe’s battery for Internet Data Centres (IDC) is extensively utilised in various systems such as large data centre systems, bank data centres, and communication operator data systems. Our batteries have excellent discharge performance, a portable modular installation mode, and super-long service life, ensuring exceptional safety and reliability. These features make our batteries a dependable source of backup power supply for IDC systems, providing uninterrupted power supply during critical operations.

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Our IDC Battery Solutions

We have two types of battery solutions for Internet Data Centres to match your requirements.


Lead Acid

Advantages of Our Batteries for IDC

Narada Europe’s innovative battery technology and modular installation provide unique advantages for Internet Data Centre (IDC) operators. Our batteries have a portable modular installation mode that enables flexible configuration and optimal use of available space. Narada’s IDC battery solution is designed with exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring optimal use of power resources and minimising energy wastage. Furthermore, our advanced battery technology guarantees exceptional performance, enabling a dependable backup power supply during critical operations. With Narada Europe’s IDC battery solution, operators can experience seamless integration and easy operation, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for their IDC systems.

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