Terms and Conditions

Summary of goods & works provided… 

  • Narada Europe (UK) Ltd will supply, design, and install your Solar PV system as described in our proposal. In addition, all systems will be installed and designed in accordance with the relevant small scale embedded energy ( SSEG), engineering recommendation G98 or G99/G100, and the installation of Photovoltaic Systems, as published by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).
  • Unless we have otherwise indicated, our proposal includes provision of the following; Access equipment, installation of Solar PV mounting system, all electrical and cabling connections, installation of all required components to the manufacture specifications.
  • We will liaise with your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO), issue your MCS certificate of conformity, and notify your local building control office conformity under part P.
  • We will use protective coverings whilst working within your property and remove all waste packaging at the end of the installation.

Deposits and advance payment… 

  • Narada Europe (UK) Ltd may require a deposit payment of no more than 40% of the contract price, including VAT, on confirmation of order.
  • If deposit is required Narada Europe (UK) Ltd will insure this deposit with HIES intentions that you can get the job completed or your money back, if we cannot deliver your equipment  because we have gone out of business. Any monies given up-front may be placed in a separate ring-fenced client account or payment protection scheme and will only be used to pay for goods and services associated with our contract.
  • When you confirm the order and we receive deposit, we will register your name and address and total value of the contract with the insurance scheme administrator. All policy information will be sent directly.
  • If you do not consent your details being registered, please contact us at 01707243401.

Some details you need to know…

  • Whilst most Solar PV installations are allowed under the permitted development scheme, there are some exceptions to this where planning permission maybe required.
  • We have issued our proposal on the assumption that all local planning regulations permissions have been obtained and satisfied by you. We can advise you this, however, our proposal does not include any provision for professional fees and/or services required to obtain such permissions, including local planning fees,. You are reminded that Narada Europe (UK) Ltd cannot be held responsible for any installations carried out where 
  • planning permission was required, but not obtained, and we cannot offer refunds in such cases. 
  • Enclosed with this proposal is a diagram showing the location of the main components which we will install.
  • Should unexpected works arise, we will liaise with you and determine and acceptable way forward. Our daily charge, additionally, to works described in your order, are £350 per person per day. Any agreement made will be confirmed in writing before commencement .

Timetable of works…

  • We will agree with you on an acceptable installation date once your order has been confirmed, signed, and received by ourselves. Additionally, this will be subject to receiving your deposit. It usually takes 3 to 10 days to install the PV system, which may include the erecting and removing of access equipment.
  • Your installation will take place normally, after the cancellation period passed, and is subject to work load and availability of materials.
  • We do not normally start wany work until the end of your 14 days cancellation period. If you want us to start work sooner for any reason, please be aware that you must ask for this in writing using the form enclosed below.
  • For more information about your right to cancel the contract, see the ‘Cancellation period and your right to cancel’ attached at the end of this document.

Structural integrity & insurance…

  • Unless otherwise stated, we believe that the structure is suitable for the installation of Solar PV. The responsibility to obtain and independent structural survey or opinion is Narada Europe (UK) Ltd.
  • We recommend that you inform your building insurers of the proposed installation of Solar PV . your insurer may, in some instance, require and additional premium.
  • Narada Europe (UK) Ltd has insurance to cover and mitigate any third party losses and/or damage which may be caused by any of our activities involving the supply and installation of your PV system. A copy of our insurance certificate is available on request.

Workmanship warranties & guarantees…

  • All Goods supplied are guaranteed by their manufacturers. The warranty information for each item is detailed above. 
  • Any Product damaged by Narada Europe (UK) Ltd during installation shall be replaced free of charge.
  • We guarantee our workmanship for 2 years from the date if install.
  • This workmanship warranty will be transferable to the new legal owner of the property if it is sold during the warranty period automatically. We recommend updating Narada Europe (UK) Ltd on 01707243401 with the new details of the system owner.
  • All members of the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Scheme are required to have arrangements in place so that your workmanship warranty from us will be honoured, if we should go out of business during this warranty period. 
  • Our workmanship warranty is insured under HIES scheme. You will receive an individual policy document confirming the details of the workmanship warranty insurance.
  • Where there is need to claim on a manufacturer’s warranty within first 2 years we will make the claim from the manufacturer on your behalf and we will replace the faulty equipment free of charge under the manufacturer’s standard terms and conditions.

System commissioning & handover…

  • Narada Europe (UK) Ltd will test and commission your Solar PV system, which will be performed in line with the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme standards, the manufacturers installation requirements, and ensure safe system operation.
  • Following the testing and commissioning of the system, a details operating manual will be provided to you within 10 days.

Support and maintenance…

  • Solar PV system has no moving parts so they require very little maintenance. However, they are not completely maintenance free and yearly check of the system is recommended.
  • Our maintenance contract is an optional extra service. Details of this can be requested separately and additional charges may be incurred.