Narada is a leading provider of backup power supply solutions for the telecommunications industry. With operations in 158 countries and regions, we offer a range of options, including lead and lithium batteries, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to telecommunication systems. Narada’s core patent technology system, industry-leading standards, and commitment to progress and development have earned it a reputation as a trusted provider of backup power solutions for the telecommunication industry. The company’s global brand, “NARADA,” is well-known for its reliability and effectiveness in powering the telecommunications industry’s critical systems.

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Benefits of Our Batteries for Telecommunication

Narada’s backup power supply solutions offer significant benefits to the telecommunications industry. The company’s range of options, including lead, gel, and lithium batteries, ensures that telecommunication systems have a reliable and continuous power supply, even during unexpected outages. Narada’s portable and modular installation options make it easy to customise and maintain the backup power supply system, saving time and money for telecommunication operators. Narada’s commitment to safety and reliability, backed by its core patent technology system and industry-leading standards, provide peace of mind to telecommunication operators that their systems will remain operational and efficient. By choosing Narada’s backup power supply solutions, telecommunication companies can maintain their critical services without worrying about power disruptions.

Our Telecommunication Batteries

NPFC Series

Narada’s LiFePO₄ Battery System, known as the NPFC (Narada LiFePO₄) series, is an ideal solution for the telecom industry. This complete range of 48V LiFePO₄ battery products is suitable for various applications, including telecom base stations, UPS, and renewable energy systems. The series boasts advanced life, a standard size, lightweight design, and strong environmental adaptability, making it an ideal choice for telecom operators. The Battery Management System (BMS) included with standard Narada lithium battery modules is responsible for monitoring cell and module voltage, current, and temperature. The BMS provides protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature, under-temperature, and short circuits, ensuring reliable safety and excellent performance. Narada also offers customised upper computer software for BMS communication via RS232 or RS485, allowing telecom operators to easily set parameters or read monitoring data.

313K Series

The 313K (HTB) series is the perfect high-temperature battery solution for the telecom industry. This series is named after the 313 degree Kelvin temperature and boasts 8 exclusive patented technologies, providing excellent deep cycling capability in high temperatures. The 313K series significantly reduces operating costs, making it an ideal choice for remote telecom sites and other tough off-grid hybrid applications with increasing power demands. The 313K series is specifically designed to operate in high temperatures and is the first choice for telecom operators looking for reliable and efficient battery solutions in challenging environments.

NDG Series

The NDG series is a gel battery that is widely used in the telecom industry due to its excellent deep cycle and recovery performance. The NDG series is designed to provide high-level reliability to the plate and gel electrolyte, making it an ideal choice for energy storage systems, telecommunication, and emergency power applications. This series is specifically designed for standby and cycle applications, making it a reliable and efficient option for telecom operators who require reliable power backup solutions. With the NDG series, telecom companies can rest assured that their power backup needs are met with high performance and reliability.

REX Series

The REX series is a VRLA battery that is specifically designed for the telecom industry, offering superior performance and reliability. The name REX stands for “Renewable Energy extra”, highlighting its suitability for energy storage, hybrid systems, and emergency power applications. The REX series is a cost-effective solution due to its excellent deep discharge recovery and fast recharge performance, making it more efficient than other similar products on the market. With the REX series, telecom operators can benefit from a reliable and efficient power backup solution that meets the demands of the industry.

EOS Series

The EOS series, named after the Greek goddess of dawn, is Narada’s most typical 2V large capacity VRLA battery, designed for use in fields where large batteries are needed, such as telecom, data centres, utilities, and uninterruptible power suppliers. With four generations and patented terminal sealing, lid sealing, and safety valve, EOS series batteries can be installed horizontally, resulting in a smaller footprint, easy installation, and maintenance. Moreover, the EOS series offers long battery life, making it a reliable choice for standby power in the telecommunications industry.

OPzS Series

OPzS series is a conventional tubular flood battery that offers exceptional deep cycle life and extended float life, with remarkable recovery performance due to its tubular positive plate and flood electrolyte. OPzS series is specifically designed for use in energy storage, telecommunication, and emergency power applications.

MP Series

The MP series, also known as “Marathon Purpose”, is a front terminal VRLA battery designed for high reliability and long life in telecom and UPS applications. Its conservative design and centralised venting system make it a popular choice for standard 19″21″ cabinets, as it is easy to install and maintain.

Ares Series

The Ares (OPzV) series, named after the Greek god of war, is a reliable and high-performance tubular gel battery solution that is widely used in the telecom industry. With its excellent deep cycle capability and recovery performance, the Ares series is perfect for standby and cycle applications such as energy storage systems, telecommunication, and emergency power. The conservative tubular positive plate and gel electrolyte provide high-level reliability, making it a popular choice for telecom operators who require a dependable backup power source.