Grid-Scale Solutions

Narada is a leading battery company that offers cutting-edge energy storage solutions for grid-scale applications. With a focus on sustainability, Narada’s grid-scale solutions provide reliable and cost-effective energy storage options for power grid operators, utilities, and large-scale energy users. Narada’s advanced technologies and innovative products are designed to optimise the integration of renewable energy sources, increase grid resilience, and reduce carbon emissions. Narada’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that our grid-scale solutions deliver superior performance, long lifespan, and easy maintenance, making them a preferred choice for energy storage needs.

Our Grid-Scale Solutions Can:

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Innovative Energy Storage
Increase Grid Resilience
Optimise Renewable Integration
Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Benefits of Our Grid-Scale Solutions

Narada’s grid-scale solutions provide numerous benefits that make them the ideal choice for large-scale energy storage applications. Our solutions are designed to deliver high power density and long cycle life, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply even during peak demand. By utilising our grid-scale solutions, customers can increase grid stability and resilience, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Our grid-scale solutions are fully customisable to meet specific customer requirements, making them versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. With Narada’s grid-scale solutions, customers can expect reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy storage solutions that meet their needs today and well into the future.

Our Grid-Scale Batteries

Center Series

Narada Europe’s “Center Series” of industrial batteries is specifically designed for Grid-Scale Solutions, offering a range of benefits for industrial applications. With a modular design, these batteries provide convenient operation and flexible maintenance options, allowing for efficient customisation to meet specific energy storage requirements. The “Center Series” batteries are known for their high level of safety and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in critical industrial settings. Narada Europe’s Grid-Scale Solutions featuring the “Center Series” batteries are ideal for industries that demand reliable and robust energy storage solutions, delivering seamless performance and peace of mind.

Check out some of the global use cases of our Grid-Scale solutions here.

Center L – Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System

Center F – 20ft Preassembled Joint Energy Storage System

Center F – 40ft Non-Walk-In Energy Storage System

Center F – 40ft Energy Storage System