Edge FL – New 2023 Liquid-Cooled Industrial And Commercial Outdoor Cabinet

Narada liquid cooling battery cabinet consists of 8 battery modules,1 control box, and 1 liquid cooling unit. All wire connections are placed on the front side of the rack to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Flexible Deployment

Modular structure, flexible combination, Plug-and-Play;
Higher energy design, less space usage; IP54 protection level with flexible application

Ultimate Integration

3S combination and control integration; CTP technology, all-in-one integration; AC&DC temperature differentiated management

High Level Of Safety

Multi-safety design & multi-protection assurance; Pre-alarm system, ensure system safety; Eligible for NFPA855, UL9540, UL9540A, GB standards

Ultra Long Life

High capacity and long battery cycle life, efficient active balancing system;
15 years of system-designed life

Intelligent Operation

Modular design, convenient
operation & flexible maintenance; Digital technology, remote collaboration & intelligent monitoring

Emergency Standby

AB configuration optional, off-grid and grid-connected flexible. Emergency green power supply, improve power quality

The Technology

Overall Specifications

Specifications for the Battery Cell

Size (WxDxH)mm174.6*72.1*207.1
Related CapacityAh280
Related EnergyWh896
Related VoltageV3.2
Voltage RangeV2.8 to 3.6


Specifications for the Battery Module

Main Components52 cells in series, module BMS
Dimension (W×H×D)mm760 × 237 × 1150
Related CapacityAh280
Related EnergyWh46.59
Related VoltageV166.4
Voltage RangeV145.6 to 187.2


Specifications for the Liquid Cooling Battery Cabinet

Main Components8 modules, and 1 BAU
Dimension (W×H×D)mm1400×2250×1400
Related CapacityAh280
Related EnergyWh372.7
Related VoltageV1331.2
Voltage RangeV1164.8~1497.6
Maximum Power145.6 to 187.2
Fire SystemAerosol fire distinguish system and related fire alarm system
CertificationIEC62619; UL1973; UL9540A


Battery Management System

NARADA battery management system consists of 3 level BMS, including module level BMS (BMU), rack level BMS (BCU), system level BMS (BAU), the following drawing presents the communication topological of NARADA BMS.

Fig 1. BMS communication drawing

Cabinet Drawing Reference

Fig 2. Cabinet Drawing