Edge F – Industrial And Commercial Outdoor Cabinet

Intelligent Operation

Modular design, convenient operation & flexible
maintenance. Digital technology, remote collaboration & intelligent monitoring

Ultimate Integration

3S combination and control integration. CTP technology, all-in-one integration. AC & DC temperature differentiated management

Ultra Long Life

High capacity and long battery cycle life, efficient active balancing system 15 years of system-designed life

High Level Of Safety

Multi-safety design & multi-protection assurance. Pre-alarm system, ensure system safety. Eligible for NFPA855,UL9540,UL9540A,GB standards

Flexible Deployment

Modular structure, flexible combination, Plug-and-Play. Higher energy design, less space usage. IP55 protection level with flexible applications

Emergency Standby

AB configuration optional, off-grid and grid-connected flexible. Emergency green power supply, improve
power quality

The Technology