Coolstar Outdoor Cabinet – ND07

ND07, part of our Coolstar series, revolutionises energy storage with its cutting-edge design. This standing battery ensures exceptional safety and efficiency, boasting cobalt-free LFP batteries and a long cycle life. Its IP65 ingress protection level guarantees durability in various conditions. With an intelligent BMS offering multiple protections and high efficiency, ND07 optimises energy consumption and reduces cooling costs by up to 95%. Its universal rack design and ease of installation make it a versatile solution for demanding applications.

  • 95% power savings
  • Adjustable cooling temperature
  • Extreme temperature rating
  • Easy installation/service
  • Gas release safety
  • Minimal temperature differences
  • Universal rack design
  • Dual skin insulation
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • IP55 protection, 10-year lifespan


1) “Spare 19″ or 23″ rack” means the space left above battery strings and under cabinet roof.
2) The cabinet weight in the table is for reference only, and the actual weight is subject to the cabinet mark.

Cabinet Drawings