NDH Series

IDC High Voltage Lead Acid Battery

The NDH Series are advanced lead-acid batteries known for their exceptional performance and safety features. These batteries boast a special paste formula, a unique formation process, and vacuum pasting technology. The structural design allows for maximum installation height, accommodating up to the 6th floor with a “2×3” layout of front terminals. Safety is paramount with patented anti-leakage technology and a leak-proof liquid tray. The batteries utilize high-quality materials, including an HV separator and V-0 flame retardant ABS material. Manufactured using TBS automatic production line, they undergo full inspection, are mounted on seismic iron frames, and feature flame-retardant copper connectors. These batteries provide powerful high-current discharge, exhibit excellent safety structural design, ensure stable 15-minute power cyclic performance, and offer high safety and reliability for your data centre needs.

Power Usage Overview

12V NDH Series 

300W-800W (15min@1.67V)


Patented Design – Tightly Sealed to Prevent Battery Leakage

Patented sealing technology

Terminal leakage complaint and the probability of terminal leakage is less than 0.01% 

Explosion-proof filter acid safety valve 

Stable opening and closing valve, and eliminates the emission of acid mist 

Anti-Corrosion – Reduce Corrosion rate, Prolonging the Floating Life 

Patented multiple anti-corrosion alloy

Anti-corrosion alloy nearly doubles the lifespan during the same corrosion time. Disassembling a 5-year-old battery, the busbar is complete under a low corrosion rate.

Anti-corrosion alloy (After 5 years)

Anti-corrosion grid alloy (3 years) 

Conventional grid alloy (3 years)

Anti-corrosion busbar alloy (3 years) 

Conventional internal busbar alloy (3 years)

Production Quality Control – Strict Control to Prohibit Defective Products Enter into the Market 

Disassembly Inspection

High voltage short circuit test

Air tightness inspection 

Optimised Grid Design

Improved high-power discharge performance and a patented design for high-current discharge

  • Grid area has increased by 25%
  • Same plate capacity, plate internal resistance has decreased by 15% 

External Formation Process 

Improved high power discharge performance, ensuring every plate is more uniform

  • Plate forming completely, high initial power performance 
  • Plate forming completely, high uniform performance 

Full High Power Inspection – Whole Strings of Battery Conduct High Power Test 

100% Rated high power test in the factory 

  • The first domestic manufacturer to conduct the high power test to cover all batteries
  • Promise that every battery shipped out of the factory fully matches the requirements for high power discharge 

Accessories – All Easy to Install

Snap-in Insulation Pad

  • Pre-installed delivery
  • The iron frame with non-contact

Leak-Proof Liquid Tray

  • Integral flame retardant  
  • High strength bearing high weight  

Protective Cover of Connector

  • Transparent – easy to check
  • Reserved gap – easy to test

Aseismic Iron Frame  – High Strength Connection, High Aseismic Index 

Open Aseismic Iron Frame 

Passed 8, 9 intensity seismic performance tests, with a maximum installation height of 6th floor