Residential Inverter

The inverter is an essential component of the residential power package from Narada Europe. It serves as the interface between the solar panels, battery supply unit, and electric car charger.

This device converts the DC power produced by the solar panels into AC power that can be used to power household appliances and recharge electric vehicles.

The inverter is designed to work seamlessly with the high-output solar panels and the reliable backup battery supply unit, providing homeowners with a dependable and sustainable power source.

With its excellent temperature-dependent performance and lower levelled cost of energy (LCOE), the inverter is an integral part of the hassle-free home power package, offering a complete energy solution for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

Hybrid energy storage inverter and photovoltaic inverter facilitates easy and fast installation

As the switching time between on-grid and off-grid is less than 10ms, the load is therefore continuously supplied

There are four modes to be selected for various scenarios

APP remote monitoring, simple maintenance, unlimited function expansion, and good battery compatibility make this product easy to us

This product supports lead-acid, lithium battery, etc.

Built-in smart grid management meets the demand for grid dispatching


Note: Technical parameters listed hereunder are for reference only. Actual parameters shall be subject to products shipped.